Pentatonix has that special a cappella swag, something that most singing groups tend to lack. They can sing, dance, harmonize and put together a respectable arrangement in just minutes. The five-member group based in Los Angeles is very new, although some of the members were part of a trio that went to high school together in Arlington, Texas. The final two members were found on YouTube and, just like that, Pentatonix was born. They have a modern style and draw influences from several underground electro genres, including dubstep and garage house. Pentatonix is hip and current, melding electronic music with pop hits and creating something that will make you want to dance and sing along at the same time.
Winners of "The Sing-Off".

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Mitch Grassi Biography

Mitch Grassi was born and raised in Arlington, TX. At an early age, Mitch immersed himself in the world of stage performance. He began his musical lifestyle at a very young age, performing in dozens of stage productions for nearly ten years. Although quite taken with the world of musical theatre, it was clear that his one true passion was to pursue music.

Mitch has entered many vocal competitions and talent contests. The most notable being the Teen Talent Follies competition, in which Mitch was awarded first place for his rendition of Scott Alan’s “Kiss the Air.” He also won the Kevin Kemp award, plus a generous scholarship. Mitch was actively involved in choir, and had the glorious opportunity to sing under the direction of world-renown composer Eric Whitacre.

Mitch plans to pursue music production and attend a (presently undecided) music college. He hopes to one day become a professional electronic musician, DJ, and vocalist. Mitch is incredibly grateful to be able to have the opportunity to do what he loves on national television, and is thrilled that he gets to experience it with his closest friends.

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